A science-based app experience that enables healthier living with light.

App Design
Web Design

LYS is on a mission to help people live healthier with light. We were asked to help them design a user-friendly app, that integrates with their light sensor and helps people understand and optimize the light around them.

With a very minimalist design-approach, we set out to shape a beautiful yet seamless and highly functional experience. Elevated by sleek transitions, micro-interactions and gradients used to represent light states.

Are you a Night Owl or a Morning Lark? Based on your personal data, LYS will reveal your chronotype and explain how different light affects you.

Use the Light Scanner to understand your current light and get tips for improving it.

Light Diets provides you with personalised advice, goals and nudges based on your chronotype. Log your sleep and energy levels every day.

In addition to the app, we supported the sales team in presenting LYS’ solutions on a campaign site centered around light deficiency in the winter.

The result

“The Oimachi-guys helped us create a stunning, user-friendly app, taking both strategy, UX and development into account.

In close collaboration with our team, they accelerated our process to meet the tight deadlines and create the app we envisioned. The speed, competence and professionalism will make Oimachi a great flexible extension to our team in the future.”
Christina Friis Blach Petersen
Reduced bounce rate from the homepage within 30 days of launching the new website.