Activate your company's unresolved potential.

Brand Identity
Website Development

Brandwyzer exists to activate companies unresolved potential in the market – not by providing answers, but rather by asking the right questions. Brandwyzer is lead by the experienced, energetic and passionate brand-advisor, Michael Olrik-Andersen.

Brandwyzer is not your average consultancy. Through Michael's extensive experience in the field and facilitated workshops, Brandwyzer help companies define a razor-sharp strategic focus by connecting the most relevant customer needs to the right company offerings.

Shaping a brand that represents both the experience and deep knowledge behind Brandwyzer as well as embedding the unique personality traits of Michael was essential.

Colors, typography and layouts where designed to serve a functional goal of providing a flexible framework that effectively could be used in presentations and workshops.

Inspired by nature
Mature and elegant

Lighting plays an essential role in Michael’s interior and the incidences of light is a constant source of energy and inspiration. We use shadows shaped by his interior as an ambient graphic element.

The result

“The identity perfectly reflects the experience and professionalism that is Brandwyzer. Oimachi created functional templates that I can easily use to create more engaging presentations and get my point across.”
Michael Olrik-Andersen
— Founder & advisor, Brandwyzer
Faster to create impressive and engaging keynote presentations, after starting to use the flexible template systems delivered by Oimachi.