Professional Partner

Combining great design and Webflow with a careful attention to the everyday business of our clients, we eliminate the bureaucracy of a traditional agency and make things happen.

Hello, we’re Oimachi.

The Oimachi founders, Daniel and Casper standing in front of a concrete wall
Copenhagen, Denmark
Days in collaboration
Daniel and Casper collaborating, using post-it's

We put pride in shaping solutions from a deep understanding of your challenges, goals and aspirations. From the experimental and playful to big-tech and corporate businesses, we work across nearly all industries – and dive into each project with passion, curiosity and the ambition to create something exceptional.

As Webflow Experts we have fine-tuned our technical capabilities – to deliver scalable and flexible solutions. Leveraging custom-code, advanced interactions, animations and third-party integrations we enable even the most complex sites to be build in the most simple way.

How it all started


Joining shared battlegrounds in elementary school – we quickly found common joy in creating things together. From the production of homemade action-movies to pushing the visual limits of school presentations – the foundation for a robust and creative friendship was established.

We started working together on creative projects.

a man looking at another man in black and white

Launched our first digital product, BeFrank.

Daniel speaking at an event

We worked for design agencies.


On the quest for new personal and professional challenges – we both left our comfortable jobs as designers and moved to Karlskrona in Sweden.

At Hyper Island we wanted to relearn how to thrive in uncertain territory. How we might lead ourselves, others and develop a more adaptable and resilient mindset in the face of change.

Hyper Island in Karlskrona

Grew as leaders at Hyper Island.


On a trip to Japan, we decided to conceptualize the next chapter in our professional journey.

Seeing our own thrive for quality and attention to detail being reflected in the Japanese culture – it was clear that our design agency had to draw roots from Japan. In late spring, we moved to Copenhagen and founded Oimachi.

Photo of Daniel and Casper, the founders of Oimachi drinking coffeeOimachi logo

Oimachi was born in Tokyo.

A playingcard from Cards Against Corona

Launched the non-profit, Cards Against Corona.


Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of web development with Webflow was recognized through a number of achievements, including two Site of the Day awards and a professional partnership with Webflow.

Mockup of bequant websiteSOTD – Site of the Day badge

Recognized with two Site of the Day awards.

Daniel showing a sketch on a paperWebflow's symbol

Became Professional Webflow Partners.


In Q1 we developed and launched Flowie, a  hub with 200+ custom Webflow solutions and paired with an AI code assistant powered by OpenAI technology.

To stay at the forefront of recent advancements, we launched OiAi, an internal initiative focused on enhancing efficiency, simplifying processes, and elevating our client experiences. This is achieved through the development and implementation of AI-driven automations and specialized internal microtools.

Mockup of bequant website

Launched Flowie, a hub for custom Webflow solutions.

a purple and purple cube

OiAi – Improving process through automations
& AI-driven micro-tools.