Immersive online experience for Danish dream-pop artist.

Web Design
Web Implementation

The German born dreampop artist Greta Schenk aka. GRETA has since the release of her debut album Ardent Spring in 2020, been washing over the radio with her glamorous,  and melodic songs.

The plenitude of synthesizers, electronic drums and lushy musical compositions  – takes its influences from both the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s while also embracing a more futuristic soundscape.

For GRETA, we wanted to create a highly expressive and immersive web-experience, matching her unique vintage aesthetic.

Though an exploration of visual styles, animation and implementation techniques we set out to create a something expressive and truly different.

Embracing a 90’s aesthetic, GRETA’s digital identity evolves around a VHS typeface, screen flickering, pixelated icons and grainy textures.

Reviews are transformed into little visual stickers in the bragging section. Once the user clicks on the canvas, a new sticker will be placed.

GRETA’s visual universe is strongly present on her Instagram page – we wanted to incorporate that into the website in a cool and interactive way that highlights her content.

The result

“The collaboration with Oimachi was super professional, fast and easy. They incorporated all of my wishes and came up with extremely creative ideas and a result that fits my musical and visual universe in the most perfect way. Oimachi created a website beyond my dreams and I am incredibly proud of the result.”
Greta Geschenk
Reduced bounce rate from the homepage within 30 days of launching the new website.