Maximizing the capacity of large networks across the globe

Brand Identity
Website Design
Website Development

Bequant is a pioneering software company maximizing the capacity of large networks across the globe – with their patented optimisation technology.

The network optimisation industry is filled with bold product promises and often vague, oversimplified product descriptions – which has lead to an increased scepticism among customers.

By putting transparency and deep technical insight at the forefront, we took a different approach in order to communicate to knowledgeable customers at eye-level – creating trustworthiness for Bequants industry-leading products.

And by truly embracing a technical aesthetic with typewriter effects, emphasizing product-results through detailed graphs and conveying a sense of speed through a fast-performing website, we managed to strenghten both Bequants image and competetive edge.

From visual direction and logodesign to animation and implementation we helped Bequant carry out every aspect of shaping their brand.

Energetic animations used throughout the website, creates a sense of intelligence and innovation – while establishing a visual hierarchy between different product features.

Sleek and minimalistic UI elements complimented with a bespoke typography made for a solid foundation when embracing a technical yet simple visual expression.

The result

"Oimachi have successfully completed a re-branding of our company, including a new website design and implementation, and new presentation materials, and we could not be happier.

They quickly understood quite technical aspects of our company and our product and translated them into a clear, impressive and user-friendly web site, with stunning design, graphics and animations that are really helping us with our sales and our brand recognition.

They have always been extremely flexible, easy to work with, fast and reliable, producing top-quality results. We certainly plan to keep working with them."
José Lopez
— CEO, Bequant
Increase in inbound leads generated two months after implementing the new brand and website.