Scalable and accessible digital solutions.

Visual Identity

Hejwa is a dedicated team of pragmatic, playful and energetic experts who strive to bring beautiful impactful solutions into the hands of new users. With high level competences in end-to-end development, business coaching and smart scaling, they wanted a fun and engaging digital identity to stand out from the competition.

With Hejwa’s capabilities to accelerate product development at almost any stage within a wide array of industries, a foundational concept of graphical building blocks emerged. Hejwa’s versatility is expressed through variety in shape, color and constellation – resembling the myriad of potential outcomes they can produce.

To connect with the overarching theme of visual building blocks, variations of the logotype can lead to new constellations and graphic patterns.

To activate the visual identity on social media, we designed a set of dynamic layout templates.

The result

“I gave the full creative control to Oimachi from day one, and they did a brilliant job taking what we do and turning them into a fun visual story for the user to engage with and that is like no other. The process was smooth and the guidance was welcomed!”
Ryan Callaghan
— Engineering Manager, Hejwa
Increase in inbound leads generated two months after implementing the new brand and website.