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Today you can be a lifestyle influencer on Instagram, a YouTuber talking about nutrition or be hosting a podcast about movies.  We have a culture around creation like never before. Almost 1/3 young American kids want to make it as a digital creator. CreatorSpots is the bridge between upcoming creators thriving to expand their audience and the people looking for new interesting creators to follow.


YouTube and similar platforms are prioritizing  creators who are already popular. This makes it very hard for new creators to grow an audience – and results in people consuming the same type of content from the same big creators.


We created – an online platform featuring new upcoming creators every single day. Through upvotes and user-submissions the community helps to bring the most underrated and interesting creators to the light.

Users can submit themselves or others with a chance to become featured on the front page. New creators are featured every single day.

Submit your favorite creators and earn karma for being the first to spot them on CreatorSpot.

CreatorSpot has tons of categories, making it easy to find new creators you resonate with. Each category has a daily collection of featured creators.

Social marketing

A cornerstone of CreatorSpot is community. Through Instagram we managed to not only grow a community but also add value back to it in form of inspirational and informative content.

The result

CreatorSpot became the #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt with 400+ upvotes.
CreatorSpot - Discover the best upcoming creators on the internet. | Product Hunt
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“I came across CreatorSpot on Twitter and loved the idea! It has been a great way to expand my audience and meet fellow YouTubers I can share my journey with.”
— YouTuber
“It's hard to get noticed on YouTube today, especially for upcoming creators. CreatorSpot helped me reach a new audience and connect with like-minded creators.”
— YouTuber