A modular UI guide for Denmark's largest carpenter platform.

UI Guide

We were asked to deliver a killer UI-guide with the most essential elements to provide carpenters with a more intuitive workflow. Our task was to make an intuitive experience for carpenters on the go. By reusing the core components as much as possible, Apacta’s developer team was able to quickly implement the new design on their platform.

Apacta's platform has countless features – anything from tracking working hours to managing clients and economy. To understand the complexity of the platform we were required to work through different abstraction levels, progressing from low fidelity wireframes to final design.

One key aspect was defining a clear hierarchy, using stronger colors and small visual indicators to make navigation feel quick and effortless.

Flexible overlays allows users to add new data without leaving the current page.

The result

“Oimachi delivered high quality design we could implement right away. They work fast, are easy to communicate with and always argument on behalf of our users needs.”
Anders Risager
— CEO, Apacta
Reduced bounce rate from the homepage within 30 days of launching the new website.